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Geoffrey - 30 April 22:46

Bouche mignonne, attends communes relations poursuivre. Surprenez-moi prends mon numero et viens dans la chambre, et viens a vous, Je ferai tout, que vous desirez!

Tosha - 22 October 12:56

Vous recevrez de tels services sexuels: Lesbi, Fisting.

Wertz - 1 September 05:33

We did an activity where there were four people in a row, and each had a cup and a gold fish. The person at the front of the row has water in their cup. They would chew their gold fish, spit it in the cup, and pour the liquid into the next person's cup. They would repeat this. It was to basically say that that would be like your body fluids if you had sex with multiple partners.

Edward - 26 August 23:42

Gigantic vibrator is that real :)

Hinchee - 20 May 18:12

The ~two weeks beforehand is when an ovary release an egg and it travels down the fallopian(sp? tube to the uterus to meet or not meet a sperm cell. If it doesn't meet a sperm cell then the uterine lining is shed because it doesn't need to stick around to act as a home for the zygote. But this is if you aren't on a hormonal birth control, then it's a whole different story and the period you have isn't even real. (Trust me, that actually makes sense when you understand it Yay knowledge! :)

Kolker - 21 September 11:27

Age and gravity have conspire to creat perfect breasts for Milf Carrie.

Aynes - 16 September 18:43

It's a damn crossdresser! kept a hand in front of his junk thru the whole video and pretty sure into anal fisting, cause that asshole was huge.

Virginia - 8 March 09:07

I am built like this woman and finding that I attract college boys. They insist on going bareback with me and I let them because I don't want to be alone. I know I shouldn't but I'm so very horny all the time.